Times Square Boxing Club®*

Times Square Boxing Club®*

Forget about the body bags sagging on old hooks from the ceiling, or the cracks in the shadow boxing mirrors. Never mind the mounds of adhesive tape holding speed bags together, or the rattle and shake that each powerful jab makes. When you wanted to get to the heart of boxing, you went to the Times Square Boxing Club.

In fact, in spite of the lingering odor of sweat and damp leather, some of the biggest names in boxing history spent some time at Times Square Boxing Club, often coming in to prepare for a bout at either Madison Square Garden or down in Atlantic City.

James Lee Glenn founded the Times Square Boxing Club and he became an icon within the industry, more for his integrity and honor than all of the trophies and champions that he helped to achieve their goals.

For a long time, Times Square at 42nd Street, where the gym was located, had fallen victim to porno theaters, peep shows, massage parlors, and dope dealers. Still, Jimmy Glenn kept his gym free of all of that external noise and debauchery.

Some young and up-and-coming boxers could be seen from down below on 42nd street, sparring in the ring by the windows. While not much of a sight to the average passerby, for those who knew boxing, they knew that some of the best would make their way through this gym.

Jimmy Glenn became known as one of the greatest trainers in the sport, though he had been a decent fighter. He carried a 14-2 record but retired afterward, knowing that he could never compete with the boxers that would soon be champions of the world.

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      So very sorry for your loss!! The stories about him are amazing!! From what I have read he was Times Square Boxing Gym!! Amazing man!! May he RIP. I hope he likes that we are keeping the Times Square Boxing Club memories alive with our t-shirt collection?

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