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Honoring Bud Bruner and Bruner’s Headline Boxing Gym ?

Bruner's Headline Boxing Gym T-shirt

Bud Bruner (December 7, 1907 – February 21, 1996) Bud kept training boxers until 1994. He trained some great men including Rudell Stitch and Jimmy Ellis. Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) trained in his gym too!! When you are doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work!! What do you think?? Do any letters jump […]

Cassius Clay’s (Muhammad Ali) first training camp

Archie Moore at his Salt Mine training camp 1959.  It’s good to have idols?? Archie Moore’s idol was Charles Atlas. Archie followed his advise and stayed in good physical condition his entire life. December 13, 1916 – December 9, 1998—Archie Moore was an American professional boxer and the longest reigning World Light Heavyweight Champion of […]

Newman’s Gym®* Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) trained here 1960.

Newman's Gym

Newman’s Gym was opened in 1924 Closed in 1995   Some of the greats that trained here included Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Muhammad Ali. Vision and a bit of foresight is what brought Newman’s Gym into existence. In the basement of the Cadillac Hotel in San Francisco, Billy […]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) 1960 Olympics

Ali: His Olympics Story Still as Cassius Clay, with an impressive amateur record of over 100 victories, shortly after he graduated high school he headed off to Italy to compete in the Olympics. On September 5, 1960, he was being inaugurated with the gold medal winner for boxing. While many of the other young fighters […]

Grace Community Center Gym, Louisville Kentucky

Grace Community Center Gym Some gyms inspire from a distance. Some transcend the tides of time. Grace Community Center Gym holds on through history, though its doors have long since closed, because of one of the Greatest boxers of all time. Ali. Once a young Cassius Clay dedicated himself to boxing, it was about all […]

Columbia Gym, Louisville Kentucky

Muhammad Ali: The Columbia Gym Today Today, Spalding University’s athletic departments stands where Columbia Gym once reigned. In honor of Muhammad Ali and his illustrious career, the University recently renamed the location back to its original: Columbia Gym. Shortly after Muhammad Ali’s death in 2016, Spalding University placed a replica of that Schwinn bicycle Ali […]

Muhammad Ali with Joe Martin (his first boxing coach)

Muhammad Ali listening attentively to Joe Martin. Six weeks after that fateful day, having lost his precious, beloved bicycle, 12-year-old Clay got into the ring with another boy his age. He was a white boy and Cassius Clay enjoyed his first victory. As the next several years of his training unfolded, Joe Martin took a […]

Muhammad Ali: Where it all began.

Cassius Clay was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. One day, he would become more commonly known as Mohammed Ali, and during his childhood, while out riding his bike, events unfolded that changed the true course of it. His brand-new $60 red and white Schwinn bicycle that he cherished was parked outside the […]

Grossinger’s Training Camp®*

Nestled within the Catskill Mountains in New York was Grossinger’s Training Camp. It was an incredible location located next door to Grossinger’s resort camp and the Grossinger Hotel. The resort enjoyed its heyday in the 1950s. It offered a quiet retreat ideal for fighters seeking an escape from the concrete jungles of big cities. Sprawling […]

Your calendar doesn’t lie ????

xxiv_vii Your schedule doesn’t lie. Going to the gym?? This is a great tool to help you go to the gym. I hope this helps. ???? Jerry Seinfeld used this technique to make himself write jokes even when he didn’t want to. Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page […]