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Bruner’s Headline Boxing Gym, Louisville Kentucky

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You never know what goes on behind closed doors right?? Exterior of Headline Boxing Gym. Gym opened in 1952 by Bud Bruner. Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) Jimmy Ellis, Rudell Stitch all trained here. Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, occasionally trained at Bruner’s gym. His first gym workout after winning an Olympic gold medal […]

Inside 5th Street Gym (1960’s)

It’s not where you are start but where you finish that counts!! This was Cassius Clay’s (Muhammad Ali) main gym throughout his career. ? 5th Street gym was actually a rat infested termite ridden gym at the corner of Washington Avenue & Fifth Street. To get there you had to enter a door next to […]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) at the gym.

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) inside gym

Why waste time? Cassius Clay was just 18 when he traveled by train from Louisville Kentucky to Miami Beach. It was December 19, 1960 and Angelo Dundee (trainer at 5th Street Gym) told him to wait until after Christmas but Cassius insisted on coming down immediately. Hank Kaplan (boxing historian in Miami beach) recalls the […]

Muhammad Ali: Where it all began.

Cassius Clay was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. One day, he would become more commonly known as Mohammed Ali, and during his childhood, while out riding his bike, events unfolded that changed the true course of it. His brand-new $60 red and white Schwinn bicycle that he cherished was parked outside the […]

Grossinger’s Training Camp®*

Nestled within the Catskill Mountains in New York was Grossinger’s Training Camp. It was an incredible location located next door to Grossinger’s resort camp and the Grossinger Hotel. The resort enjoyed its heyday in the 1950s. It offered a quiet retreat ideal for fighters seeking an escape from the concrete jungles of big cities. Sprawling […]

Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym®* Turning off 14th Street off Irving Place in the heart of New York City, slipping past a collection of garbage cans standing guard by the curb, and then climbing two creaking flights of stairs, an ambitious young boxer would hear the snarl of a large dog on the other size of a large, […]

Your calendar doesn’t lie ????

xxiv_vii Your schedule doesn’t lie. Going to the gym?? This is a great tool to help you go to the gym. I hope this helps. ???? Jerry Seinfeld used this technique to make himself write jokes even when he didn’t want to. Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page […]

Cus D’Amato founder of Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym, New York

I’m a big fan of hiring the right coach. You look at anyone successful today and they have a coach or a mentor assisting them. No one goes alone. Always good to have someone in the corner. But always remember that you have to be ready before getting the coach. The coach can’t do everything […]

Times Square Boxing Club®*

Times Square Boxing Club®* Forget about the body bags sagging on old hooks from the ceiling, or the cracks in the shadow boxing mirrors. Never mind the mounds of adhesive tape holding speed bags together, or the rattle and shake that each powerful jab makes. When you wanted to get to the heart of boxing, […]

City Park’s Gym

City Parks Gym In the dimly lit gym, the sunlight cutting through cracked windows and spilling into the room, the sounds of sparring, jump ropes, and men striving for greatness –no matter where they found it, City Parks Gym was a small place in New York City that, in late 1961 and early 1962 it […]