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Inside 5th Street Gym (1960’s)

It’s not where you are start but where you finish that counts!! This was Cassius [...]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) at the gym.

Why waste time? Cassius Clay was just 18 when he traveled by train from Louisville [...]

Cassius Clay’s (Muhammad Ali) first training camp

Archie Moore at his Salt Mine training camp 1959.  It’s good to have idols?? Archie [...]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) 1960 Olympics

Ali: His Olympics Story Still as Cassius Clay, with an impressive amateur record of over [...]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) Where it all began.

Where it all began. Cassius Clay was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. [...]


Joe Elsby Martin was Muhammad Ali’s First Boxing Teacher.

Joe Elsby Martin was Muhammad Ali’s First Boxing Teacher. Joe Elsby Martin came to Louisville [...]

Grace Community Center Gym, Louisville Kentucky

Grace Community Center Gym Some gyms inspire from a distance. Some transcend the tides of [...]


Columbia Gym, Louisville Kentucky

Muhammad Ali: The Columbia Gym Today Today, Spalding University’s athletic departments stands where Columbia Gym [...]


Muhammad Ali with Joe Martin (his first boxing coach)

Muhammad Ali listening attentively to Joe Martin. Six weeks after that fateful day, having lost [...]

Grossinger’s Training Camp®*

Nestled within the Catskill Mountains in New York was Grossinger’s Training Camp. It was an [...]