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Bud Bruner Founder of Bruner’s Headline Boxing Gym

Sometimes the coach is more impressive than the student!!   Bud Bruner (December 7, 1907 – February 21, 1996) was a trainer, manager and gym proprietor from Louisville, Kentucky. His participation in boxing began in the 1930s while he was employed by the City of Louisville Recreation Department. He was responsible for playground tournaments, followed […]

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) at the gym.

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) inside gym

Why waste time? Cassius Clay was just 18 when he traveled by train from Louisville Kentucky to Miami Beach. It was December 19, 1960 and Angelo Dundee (trainer at 5th Street Gym) told him to wait until after Christmas but Cassius insisted on coming down immediately. Hank Kaplan (boxing historian in Miami beach) recalls the […]

Joe Elsby Martin was Muhammad Ali’s First Boxing Teacher.

Joe Elsby Martin was Muhammad Ali’s First Boxing Teacher. Joe Elsby Martin came to Louisville Kentucky in 1937 and joined the Louisville Police Department, serving until his retirement in 1974. In 1938, he became a boxing coach at the local recreation center called Columbia Gym in Louisville (now the student center of Spalding University). In […]

Columbia Gym, Louisville Kentucky

Muhammad Ali: The Columbia Gym Today Today, Spalding University’s athletic departments stands where Columbia Gym once reigned. In honor of Muhammad Ali and his illustrious career, the University recently renamed the location back to its original: Columbia Gym. Shortly after Muhammad Ali’s death in 2016, Spalding University placed a replica of that Schwinn bicycle Ali […]

Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym®* Turning off 14th Street off Irving Place in the heart of New York City, slipping past a collection of garbage cans standing guard by the curb, and then climbing two creaking flights of stairs, an ambitious young boxer would hear the snarl of a large dog on the other size of a large, […]

Cus D’Amato founder of Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym, New York

I’m a big fan of hiring the right coach. You look at anyone successful today and they have a coach or a mentor assisting them. No one goes alone. Always good to have someone in the corner. But always remember that you have to be ready before getting the coach. The coach can’t do everything […]

City Park’s Gym

City Parks Gym In the dimly lit gym, the sunlight cutting through cracked windows and spilling into the room, the sounds of sparring, jump ropes, and men striving for greatness –no matter where they found it, City Parks Gym was a small place in New York City that, in late 1961 and early 1962 it […]

Grupp’s Gym®

Grupp’s Gym®   After World War I, the nation was feeling the effects of a long war and returning soldiers struggled with shell shock and trying to return to some semblance of normalcy in their life. For the rest of the country, the Great Depression and World War II were merely a short time into […]

Salem Crescent Athletic Club®

Salem Crescent Athletic Club® From the outside, along 129th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City, gazing up at Salem Methodist Church, one might never know that a den of warriors existed within its basement. The church leaders believed that energy was necessary to fight sin. As a result, the built a gym in […]

Stillman’s Gym®*

Stillman’s Gym®* You don’t become a legendary athlete when you spend all your time attending press conferences and interviews. It takes years of hard work, constant training, and exhausting workouts at no-nonsense gyms like Stillman’s Gym. Stillman’s was the place to get down to business without any distractions. Founded in 1919 to keep New York […]