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Stillman’s Gym®*

Stillman’s Gym®*

You don’t become a legendary athlete when you spend all your time attending press conferences and interviews. It takes years of hard work, constant training, and exhausting workouts at no-nonsense gyms like Stillman’s Gym. Stillman’s was the place to get down to business without any distractions.

Founded in 1919 to keep New York youth off the streets, by the 1940s and 1950s, Stillman’s was a New York City Institution that emphasized a no-frills environment for athletes to hone their skills. Stillman’s earned worldwide recognition for helping fighters get their start. Behind-the-scenes greats like trainer Angelo Dundee learned the ropes at Stillman’s.

Although Stillman’s closed in 1959 when Lou Stillman retired, its lasting effect on boxing history is undeniable. Like Stillman’s Gym, our apparel is all about getting back to the basics — and getting into the gym so you can achieve your dreams. You can live the spirit of Stillman’s every time you wear this premium boxing T-shirt.




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