Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym®* Turning off 14th Street off Irving Place in the heart of New York City, slipping past a collection of garbage cans standing guard by the curb, and then climbing two creaking flights of stairs, an ambitious young boxer would hear the snarl of a large dog on the other size of a large, […]

Your calendar doesn’t lie ????

xxiv_vii Your schedule doesn’t lie. Going to the gym?? This is a great tool to help you go to the gym. I hope this helps. ???? Jerry Seinfeld used this technique to make himself write jokes even when he didn’t want to. Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page […]

Cus D’Amato founder of Gramercy Gym®*

Gramercy Gym, New York

I’m a big fan of hiring the right coach. You look at anyone successful today and they have a coach or a mentor assisting them. No one goes alone. Always good to have someone in the corner. But always remember that you have to be ready before getting the coach. The coach can’t do everything […]

Times Square Boxing Club®*

Times Square Boxing Club®* Forget about the body bags sagging on old hooks from the ceiling, or the cracks in the shadow boxing mirrors. Never mind the mounds of adhesive tape holding speed bags together, or the rattle and shake that each powerful jab makes. When you wanted to get to the heart of boxing, […]

City Park’s Gym

City Parks Gym In the dimly lit gym, the sunlight cutting through cracked windows and spilling into the room, the sounds of sparring, jump ropes, and men striving for greatness –no matter where they found it, City Parks Gym was a small place in New York City that, in late 1961 and early 1962 it […]

Grupp’s Gym®

Grupp’s Gym®   After World War I, the nation was feeling the effects of a long war and returning soldiers struggled with shell shock and trying to return to some semblance of normalcy in their life. For the rest of the country, the Great Depression and World War II were merely a short time into […]

Salem Crescent Athletic Club®

Salem Crescent Athletic Club® From the outside, along 129th Street and 7th Avenue in New York City, gazing up at Salem Methodist Church, one might never know that a den of warriors existed within its basement. The church leaders believed that energy was necessary to fight sin. As a result, the built a gym in […]

The Secret / The Master Key System

XXIV VII (24/7)  Clothing Company | Gym T-shirts  The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Ever heard of it?? Great book and I know that one of Steve Job’s favorite books was written by the author. The rumor is that Bill Gates read the book dropped out of Harvard and started Microsoft. Not sure if […]

It all started in the library.

XXIV VII (24/7) Clothing Company Gym t-shirts.   It all started in the library. Read hundreds of books to find out the gyms the greatest boxers trained at. Hundreds.  Learning never stops. Who’s your favorite boxer ??  Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman, Floyd Patterson, Rocky Marciano, ? […]

Stillman’s Gym®*

Stillman’s Gym®* You don’t become a legendary athlete when you spend all your time attending press conferences and interviews. It takes years of hard work, constant training, and exhausting workouts at no-nonsense gyms like Stillman’s Gym. Stillman’s was the place to get down to business without any distractions. Founded in 1919 to keep New York […]